Malecka - Rhéa

The first release on my new label "Throb" is out, her name is "Rhéa" like Saturn's natural satellite..

It's a melodic and orchestral track mixing melodic electronic music and elements of violins and piano to take you straight to another galaxy..

Malecka - Rancoeur EP

Rancoeur is an EP of 4 melodics & emotionals tracks released on Pavillonn, a Parisian label owned by the producer Nhyx.

In the line of my universe, this EP takes you on a journey in the stars, characterized by instruments such as the piano, the violin, it is a tasty mixture in electro and orchestral music

MNL079 | Malecka - Last Night

Everything about this song breathes and air of warmth, whether you'd play it during a sunset on a hot summer night or when you listen to it all cuddled up in a blanket in front of your fire place.

'Last Night' sets the right mood, not in the last place because of the mesmerizing dreamy vocals. Naturally we've also added a dub mix for the non vocal players out there.

FUKLA002 | Malecka - Emotion

Emotion is an EP of 2 track released on Melokind's label "Fuchsklang Musik" 

It will make you go into space, like a cosmonaut you will travel through the planets for a go without a return.

MNL 114 | Mila Dietrich & Malecka - Imagine The World

A French connection here as Mila Dietrich and Malecka team up to bring you the dreamy 'Imagine The World'. It's Malecka's third appearance on MNL so slowly but surely you can call him a label resident.

'Imagine The World' is a song that instantly reminds you of the joyful 90's rave sound, but in a modern day coating of course. Dreamy arps and chimes combined with a mysterious vocal makes this a stand our production, one you'll recognize instantly after just hearing it once. It's a keeper!

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